Pat Lindner Replacement Mentions

State Representative Pat Lindner is retiring from the Illinois House after 16 years in office.

Naturally, someone like me immediately thinks who might replace the woman who was elected in 1992, the year my second eight-year run began.

Pat is from Sugar Grove and her district is in the southern part of State Senator Chris Lauzen’s district. She represents west of the Fox River in towns like Aurora, Geneva, plus most of Kendall County.

The establishment candidate is said to be an assistant of Congressman Denny Hastert named David Richmond. He has a military background and sounds like a conservative, but has not always supported the conservative candidate when one was running against a liberal.

Another possibility might be James Willey, the Village President of Elburn and elected Northern Illinois Planning Commission commissioner in 2005 and continues on the board. County and he was an impressive fellow. With people undoubtedly worried about run-away growth in that district, his staunch advocate for controlling sprawl approach might garner support. He even has a blog. His town’s slogan is “Better not just Bigger.”

Two supporters of Lauzen seem interested.

Long-time Geneva Alderman William Barclay has his wife Esther’s, as well as his own political roots. She is president of the Geneva Library Board.

“For the last 14 years, Patricia Reid Lindner has served our district well,” the Farmers Insurance Group Agent emailed McHenry County Blog. “Pat’s professionalism, energy, talents, commitment and experience will be missed in the 50th district.

“I have had conversations with her in the past including my desire to represent our district when she chooses to no longer Represent the 50th district of Illinois. I am considering representing the 50th district, and hope to be able to make a decision soon,” Barclay said.

In Kendall County, Keith Wheeler, 40, heads an organization called the Kendall County Republican Campaign Support Committee. This group’s candidate– Eric Weis–defeated establishment leader Dallas Ingemunson‘s son Boyd when he ran for State’s Attorney.

“It sounds like an awesome opportunity,” Wheeler told me on the way to a Make-a-Wish Foundation golf outing, “but I’d have to give that some careful consideration.”

I asked him what he did for a living and he said, “I have a computer consulting company, Responsive Network Services, and a graphic design firm called Universal Expression.”

His group’s stated mission is “to invigorate the Republican Party in Kendall County by recruiting quality candidates and by reaching out and supporting every Republican, whether they are incumbents or are candidates running for a Kendall County seat.”

Jon Zahm, President of the Kane County Regional School Board is another possibility. He is a political consultant and lived in one of the river cities before moving to Maple Grove, where he ran for village president. He lost a very dirty campaign that resulted in a libel suit which is still in court.

Not to be overlooked is conservative Wade Joyner, who challenged Lindner in 2000 and came in second. A third spoiler was in the race. He is from Plano.

There is also a liberal, pro-choice Kane County Board member named Bill Wyatt from West Aurora who would have countywide contacts by now. If too many conservatives stepped up to the primary plate, he might win the Republican nomination.

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The article about Pat Lindner’s retirement comes from Elgin’s Courier-News. Elburn Mayor James Willey is in the NIPC photograph on the upper right. Kendall County Republican Keith Wheeler is next on the right. Jon Zahm is seen below on the right hand side of the screen. Bottom right is Kane County Board member Bill Wyatt.

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