Larry Snow Can See Forensic Audit Records

It must so painful for the Huntley District 158 school board majority to give minority board to give minority board member Larry Snow permission to look at the working papers of the district’s forensic audit.

For months, Snow has been trying to get a look at whatever the forensic auditors found.

Thursday night he got permission, but by only a 4-3 vote, according to Northwest Herald reporter Tom Musick’s article.

The longest serving board member Kim Skaja is reported to have said, “The board has absolutely no reason to trust Mr. Snow. He’s proven it over and over.”

Board President Shawn Green, who voted to allow Snow to see the records, said, “After we spent $100,000 on this team of elite accountants and auditors to look at this, I think the idea is absolutely ridiculous.”

Green and Skaja took a long time to agree to the forensic audit. None of the majority has shown much interest in getting back any excessive health care payments that made to administrators.

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Huntley School District 158 School Board President Shawn Green on the left and Superintendent John Burkey on the right are looking at Larry Snow. They do not appear pleased with whatever Snow is saying.

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