$50 Million for McHenry County Roads

Regan Foster of the Northwest Herald wrote a story Thursday about the McHenry County Transportation Committee’s having approved a 5-year highway plan to be financed with $50 million of borrowed money.

The theory is that people using the new and improved roads will be paid for by the people who are using them.

The article outlines what will be constructed in the next year:

“This calendar year’s projects include spending $3.4 million on highway maintenance; widening Algonquin Road to five lanes between Randall Road and Route 47; resurfacing part of Alden Road and conducting engineering on both Alden Road and the Alden Road Bridge; and pursuing land acquisition to widen Walkup Road between Route 176 and Bull Valley Road.”

Note the traffic I found just after 5 PM on Rakow Road.

Vehicles were backed up all the way from Virginia Street Road to Pingree Road on Thursday–the complete distance of the biggest Vulcan Lake. The image can be enlarged by clicking on it.

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