Message of the Day – A Sign

This is really a twofer.

It was the new “Welcome to Illinois” sign that I wanted.

It’s the first one put up since 1973, when the last Democratic Party governor, a guy named Dan Walker, put ones up that took off the name of the governor and rightly bragged about it.

He claimed to be the “people’s” governor and the sign said the “People of Illinois” welcome you.

I even sent out a press release praising the change.

Now, Illinois has another governor who is a Democrat.

Although as or more confrontational than Governor Walker, this one has decided having the “people” welcome travelers to Illinois is inadequate.

He has put “Rod R. Blagojevich, Governor” on the sign.

So, “welcome to Illinois” signs have come full cycle.

At least “The Land of Lincoln” is in bigger letters.

And, the twofer?

There is precious little state road work being done in McHenry County this summer.

This sign indicates that the two miles on Route 47 between the Illinois-Wisconsin line and Route 173 in the heart of Hebron are being re-surfaced.

Not exactly done in priority order, I am certain people who drive on Route 31 between McHenry and Crystal Lake would suggest.

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