Message of the Day – An Ad

A really irritating one.

OK. I shouldn’t complaint because I don’t subscribe to the Northwest Herald.

That’s a valid point of view.

But within the last week a translucent yellow ad has popped up as I go the NW Herald web site.

And yesterday a friend pointed me that way for an article by David Fitzgerald on how Carpentersville District 300 wasn’t balancing its check book while it was asking for a 55-cent real estate tax hike, plus scores of millions in borrowed money.

So I go the NW Herald’s web site.

Then this ad pops up.

Sure, one can close it, but it takes a click.

I’m asking too much, right.

Internet advertising is what is going to keep the NW Herald alive, even if circulation and print advertising doesn’t. but I’m not even going to click on the Foxfire Fest ad to find out where it is.

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