Guess I Am Not the Only One with a Faulty Memory

It doesn’t rectify the mistake I made yesterday, but it is interesting that Carpentersville School Superintendent Ken Arndt forgot that the school district had filed a police report with village police about the missing student activity money.

I imagine that some staff member noticed the Daily Herald’s Chris Bailey column on Sunday that complained about District 300 not having gone to the police and said,

“Hey! Wait a minute. We went to the police.”

That wasn’t my take. What came to my mind was how the district had suppressed the information until after the two 2006 tax hike referendums and the 2007 school board elections.

The Daily Herald’s Emily Krone put this in her story’s second paragraph:

“Last week, District 300 Superintendent Ken Arndt mistakenly said the district had not told police about a problem with funds at Dundee-Crown High School.”

The Northwest Herald’s David Fitzgerald put it this way:

“District 300 did file a police report about the more than $100,000 in missing student activity funds at Dundee-Crown High School, Superintendent Ken Arndt said Monday.

“Arndt said last week that the district did not involve police in the investigation of the missing funds or the former secretary who was in charge of the books.”

One or both mentioned that District 300 did not file a police report until after its insurance company told it to do so. This was well after the discovery of the “stolen” money.

Also of interest was that most of the money being handled was cash.

Both pages of the police report may be enlarged by clicking on them.

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