McHenry County Democrats Outraise Republicans During First Half of 2007

The McHenry County Democratic Central Committee raised $25,465.63 during the first six months of 2007.

Looks as if the transition of leadership from Patrick Ouimet to successor Thomas Cynor is coming along nicely.

They are the minority party, so you would think that Bill LeFew’s Republicans would have done better, right?


The best the McHenry County Republican Central Committee could come up with is $19,630. The GOP spent $20,435.16. Less than $1,400 was in the bank at the beginning of July.

The auxiliary fund raising organization created in the late 1990’s to keep control of matters financial if the establish were overthrown raised zilch, but spent $512. It has less than $250 in the bank.

The Dems spent $12,331.56, leaving a balance of $10,300 in the bank.

Let’s see.

McHenry County Democrats have over $10,000 in the bank.

Republicans had $1,400.

Something is going on in both parties and it doesn’t look good for the Republicans.

And the same thing happened last year.

The Dems took in $32,981.65, while the GOP saw only $22,450 in income. (The GOP Foundation got $750.)

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Of course I know that the biggest GOP fundraiser is July. But both parties have fund raisers in the spring.

I’d publicize Republican events on McHenry County Blog, by the way, if the candidates and party would pop for the postage to send me the invitations.

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