Cities and Villages Could Cash In with State Budget

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog showed which social service agencies would win big if the budget the General Assembly has passed becomes law.

Want to know which local governments that local State Representatives Jack Franks (D-Bull Valley), Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) and Mark Beaubien (R-Barrington Hills) think highly of…or least think highly of their elected officials?

Take a look at which McHenry County cities and villages McHenry County’s state representatives want to get how much.

I count $2.5 million. All of the money may not be in the budget for the first time. If it were appropriated in past years, it would show up again.

The state reps are supposed to have $650,000 each. Obviously, the money below is more than all three together could allocate. And it doesn’t count what McHenry County Blog reported yesterday and will report tomorrow.

Of course, Governor Rod Blagojevich pledges not to sign the bill because it is “all about pork, politics and false promises.”

Expect him to make everyone else look bad.

Whether it’s pork, a member initiative or an earmark, let’s look at what the municipalities might get:

  • Algonquin – $250,000 Spella Park development
  • Crystal Lake – $250,000 for a regional emergency management forward mobile interoperable communication command center
  • Greenwood – $20,000 for road improvements
  • Harvard – $50,000 for sidewalk improvements
  • Harvard-$30,000 for police and fire equipment
  • Hebron – $100,000 for construction of an addition to the police department and the purchase of equipment
  • Huntley – $1 million to widen Route 47 from Kreutzer to Reed Road
  • Johnsburg – $40,000 for police equipment and infrastructure
  • Lake in the Hills Parks Department – $45,000 for infrastructure and capital improvements
  • Marengo – $200,000 for computer equipment and software for city billing, administration and police
  • McCullom Lake – $20,000 for village hall renovations
  • McHenry – $50,000 for police equipment and infrastructure
  • Port Barrington – $100,000 for sewer and water improvements
  • Richmond – $30,000 for fire equipment and police equipment
  • Spring Grove – $20,000 for a police car and fire equipment
  • Union – $20,000 for emergency fire and police equipment
  • Union – $30,000 for waterway improvement
  • Union – $200,000 for drainage improvement of unnamed tributary of the Kishwaukee River tributary
  • Wonder Lake – $40,000 for police equipment and park improvements
  • Woodstock – $50,000 for police vehicle

Let me note that the waterway improvements for Union may not be legislative earmarks. I know from personal experience in the 1970’s that Union has real drainage problems and can qualify on an objective rating for flood control projects. The project I successfully got in the budget ranked second in the state in is benefit to cost ratio.

Notice who is missing?

How about Bull Valley, Cary, Fox River Grove, Island Lake, Lakewood, Lakemoor, Prairie Grove, Ringwood? Are there others I overlooked?

I don’t know where to put this:

Algonquin/Carpentersville – $2,820,000 for Long Meadow Parkway
Fox River Bridge Crossing, Bolz Road

Is it a combination of efforts from Kane and McHenry County legislators?

Will it be enough to convince local officials not to go forward with a toll bridge?

Tomorrow, see what townships would get so much.

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