Message of the Day – Reflections

And these were seen from the Gate 3 pier shining on Crystal Lake from the Main Beach House.

The picture was taken on Friday, June 22nd as I was picking up the car I had parked at the Gate 3 while I worked at the Crystal Lake Gala.

For more reflections on Crystal Lake click here. And, remember, all photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.


Message of the Day – Reflections — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Cal:
    Online there used to be a description of the 1965 Tornado that hit Crystal Lake. It covered how downtown CL was hit along with Central H.S., Colby Estates homes, etc. Do you have info. on this? I know the McHenry Cty. Museum used to have a display on this too.

  2. I was at the University of Michigan in grad school that day.

    When, by chance, I saw the nightly news, I said to myself, “I know that shopping center!”

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