John Cox Gets a Boost from Eric Zorn

I had a chance to talk to presidential candidate John Cox while he was running for Cook County Recorder of Deeds, I think.

He is a bright guy with good policy ideas.

Two years before I met or saw him at a pro-life affair when he was running in the congressional primary election that Mark Kirk won.

Most people I know can’t figure out why he is running for president, but, as Zorn points out in his column Tuesday, he is putting a lot of effort and significant money into his effort.

Zorn had this wonderful quote from Cox:

“Chicago businessman John Cox began his speech at last Saturday’s Republican presidential straw poll in Iowa talking about fairy tales.

”Years ago, he said, he was reading a bedtime story to one of his daughters when she asked, ‘Daddy, do all fairy tales begin with ‘Once upon a time?’’

”No, he said he told her, ‘There are a whole series of fairy tales, and they begin with, ‘If elected, I promise …’’

“Rim shot!”

In the Iowa pay-to-vote presidential poll-fund raiser, Cox finished last.

But Fred Thompson and John McCain were only scores of votes ahead of him.

Ironically, Cox is not being allowed in the Illinois Straw Poll. They won’t let any candidate participate who has not been in a debate or has not polled 5%.

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I found this John Cox for Recorder of Deeds at State Senator Chris Lauzen’s Porky Picnic.

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