Daniel Regna’s Challenge to Lou Banchi

In a letter sent on August 8th, McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, challenger Daniel Regna “demand(ed)” that two of his staff members who hold significant roles in Bianchi leave the county payroll.

Since this is destined to be a major theme in Regna’s campaign, I’ve decided to re-type it so you can read it.

The letter has the heading “RE: Separation of Politics and Prosecution”

Catchy, wouldn’t you say?

Interesting in view of the 2004 letter that you’ll be able to read tomorrow on McHenry County Blog.

Without so much as a “Dear,” just a ‘Mr. Bianchi,” the letter begins.

On behalf of myself, a Republican candidate for State’s Attorney, and the citizens of McHenry County, I respectfully demand that you separate your political re-election committee apparatus from the Office of State’s Attorney. Specifically, I demand that you either terminate Karen Rhodes, Office Administrator, and Ron Salgado, Chief Investigator, form their employment at the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Or, alternatively, I demand that Karen Rhodes and Ron Salgado resign their positions from your re-election campaign committee. The merging of your political re-election apparatus and the Office of State’s Attorney is a dangerous precedent rife with potential for abuse. I would think that the mere appearance of impropriety would cause you to honor my simple request.

Further, I have enclosed my campaign Pledge to Separate Politics and Prosecution for your consideration. I have forwarded a copy of this pledge to McHenry County Republican Chairman William LeFew and to McHenry County Democratic Chairman Tom Cynor for their review and comment. I request that you immediately and publicly commit to this Pledge of Separation of Politics and Prosecution. I request that Michelle Courier either resign from her position with the State’s Attorney’s Office: or, resign her position on the Boone County Board and withdraw from the Boone County State’s Attorney’s race. Further, I request that Nichole Owens, Ron Salgado and Michael McLeary resign their positions as a Republican Party committeeman. I further request that any other member of your staff immediately resign from any elected board, public commission, active membership in an organized political party or other politically motivated entity.

I cannot emphasize how strongly I am concerned with the dangerous merger of your political re-election apparatus with your governmental office. Ultimately, such a merger of politics and government can only lead to abuses of power and political corruption.

Not only as a matter of fairness in the upcoming political campaign for State’s Attorney, but more importantly, as a matter of compelling public interest in the integrity of the State’s Attorney’s Office, I respectfully demand that you completely separate your political re-election apparatus from your governmental office.


Daniel J. Regna

Tomorrow the political letter that Regna wrote in support of one of Bianchi’s 2004 GOP primary opponents—Glenn Gable—while Regna worked for the state’s attorney’s office.

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