Bianchi Opponent Calling for End of Political Activity in State’s Attorney’s Office Wrote Letter for Bianchi’s Opponent in 2004

It’s hard to believe without seeing it, so I have an image you can enlarge in this article. Just click on it.

But, because it is so hard to read, I’ll type it, too.

The letter head reads,

“Glenn Gable, Republican for State’s Attorney.”

The letter does not have a date, but it says it was “PAID FOR BY CITIZENS TO ELECT GLENN GABLE” at its bottom.

The letter is a pitch for Gable and invites policemen to a reception for his candidate. It is signed by Dan Regna. Under his name is “Campaign Committee.”

Both Gable and Regna were on State’s Attorney Gary Pack’s staff at the time. Such active campaigning would presumably be forbidden under Regna’s recent proposal to Bianchi.

Here’s the text of that 2004 letter:

Dear Friend and Colleague,

Once again the election season is upon us with the primary election scheduled for March 16, 2004! Much is at stead for the greater McHenry County law enforcement community in the Republican primary for State’s Attorney. As you may be aware, long-time State’s Attorney Gary Pak is not seeking re-election. Three candidates are vying for the seat of State’s Attorney in the Republican primary. Of the three candidates, one candidate is a criminal defense lawyer; one candidate is a personal injury lawyer; ad oe candidate is a veteran prosecutor. Who do you want as your next State’s Attorney?

I believe that our current State’s Attorney’s Office is a progressive and innovative prosecutor’s office staffed by highly dedicated individuals. During the past 17years, Glenn has worked to implement numerous programs supporting the efforts of our police officers including the Child Advocacy Center, Bad check Restitution Program, Felony Review program, Communities Against Gangs and the Juvenile Peer Jury Program. Under Glenn’s guidance, our prosecutors have worked closely with our policy agencies to provide the best investigative support and criminal prosecution possible.

The State’s Attorney’s Office is at a crossroad with Gary Pack’s impending departure. We need a highly experienced and qualified individual to assume the duties of State’s Attorney. I am thoroughly familiar with all of the candidates seeking election as State’s Attorney. Without hesitation, I fully endorse and supplort GLENN GABLE as the only EXPERIENCE and QUALIFIED candidate to be our next State’s Attorney.

Glenn’s experience and qualifications are unmatched by his rivals. Glenn has over 13 years experience as a police officer with the Cook County Sheriff’s Department, 6 years experience as a soldier in the Army National Guard and 17 years experience as a prosecutor. Glenn knows and understands first-hand the difficulties that police officers face every day! Glenn will always stand and support the cop on the street! Glenn has the experience, vision and wisdom to lead the State’s Attorney’s Office as we continue to provide you with unsurpassed legal support in your crime-fighting efforts.

I ask that you support GLENN GABLE to be our next State’s Attorney! We need YOU to spread the word throughout your communities that Glenn Gable is the law enforcement candidate. I invit you and your guests to attend Glenn Gable’s Cop Party on Sunday, January 25, 2004 to learn more about Glenn Gable’s candidacy.

Best Regards!

Campaign Committee.

It sounds to me as if Regna was hoping for advancement in the state’s attorney’s office, if his candidate were elected.

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