Insecure Electronic Voting Machines

What I had long suspected seems to have been proven by California Secretary of State Debra Brown.

Brown allowed hackers to try to get into the voting machines certified by the state.

Guess what?

All of the electronic voting machines that were tested failed the security test.

That’s what the WorldNetDaily reported a while ago.

Doesn’t that make you feel like your vote means something?

Let me relate two stories I was told about possible vote fraud in McHenry County. One supposedly resulted in a judicial candidate’s winning the Republican nomination over his primary opponent.

The opponent, a likeable guy, was in the lead on election night, but the vote counting machines shut down. The story goes that they were re-booted with a secondary program that allowed the loser to gain enough votes to pull into the lead. Then, the computers were shut down again and the original program re-installed.

The reason this became known, as I was told, is that the person who was supposed to be paid ($1,500 or $2,500, if memory serves) to do the dirty programming deed didn’t get paid in a timely fashion. He talked about it to one, maybe, two of my acquaintances.

Probably others, too.

Some of the alleged principals are dead; some aren’t.

And, then there was the primary election when I didn’t carry McHenry County, but candidates for Republican precinct committeemen, when their vote totals were combined, received more votes than were cast in the state representative race.

Anyone that knows anything about the way voters drop off as they go down the ballot, can offer a comment as to how likely that is to happen.

Especially when the state rep. candidates spent upwards of $200,000.

This WorldNetDaily story follows one on January 26th in which a hacker duplicated pictures of Diebold keys to unlock its touch screen voting machine.

The blanks were bought from Ace Hardware.

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