Time to Visit Union’s Illinois Railroad Museum

Two things I’ve never seen in the Chicago Tribune were on the front page.

There was a long article about the Illinois Railroad Museum, located in Union.

The article was not written by one of the paper’s regular reporters.

It was written by Robert Channick and identified as “Special to the Tribune.”

There was a time when the Tribune would not run an article on the front page of its main or local section that was not written by a full-timer.

Just as ads will soon start appearing on the Tribune’s front page, so will articles by free lancers.
In any event, this article about 63-year old Bob Kutella’s 40-year restoration of an electronic trolley reminded me that this weekend would be a good time to visit.
It’s not hard to find. As you drive along Route 176 toward Union, follow the smoke plume in the sky.

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