Big Signs Enter Cary Gravel Pit Fight

I admire the creativity of “Heck of a Guy” Crystal Lake blogger Allan Showalter.

He looked at the Cary gravel pits new web site and wrote another story–Directions to–about it.

I looked at the Interstate directional signs on top of his story.

Had the Fox Valley Expressway, which would have been known at the Fox Valley Tollway, been built there might have been exit signs to Cary.

Showalter’s suggestions?

Under “ROAD DIVIDERS” appears,

To Pits Via Done Deal Road
Pay Toll in Future
Cary, Illinois

The word “Quarry” appears to be the new name for Cary.

A second sign for “LAST EXIT


Not Just A Pit It’s Pitiful

But it doesn’t end there.

Showalter has turned the masthead of the new web site into a massive billboard.

It features the town’s purported slogan,

Where a gravel pit is not an eyesore …
But a sight for sore eyes

Another billboard features a young woman dancing with an I-Pod in her ear.

are the biggest letters.

Below is

Just Rocks (& Pits)

This is typical of Showalter’s sense of humor.

I encourage you to read the entire article.

And visit They have periodic news updates like Mayor Steve Loamal winning the noodling contest.

Last Sunday I posted this article about the new web site.

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