Bill Favoring Illegal Aliens Signed by Governor Rod Blagojevich

Daily Herald Chris Bailey decided to write about House bill 1744 on the Sunday before last.

The bill deals with illegal aliens.

This is boring, but struggle through it. Here’s part of the bill drafting agency’s summary of the bill:

Provides that employers are prohibited from enrolling in any Employment Eligibility Verification System, including the Basic Pilot program, as authorized by federal law, until the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security databases are able to make a determination on 99% of the tentative nonconfirmation notices issued to employers within 3 days, unless otherwise required by federal law.

You have read my frustration with McHenry County College’s taking 14 days to provide documents that are readily available, ones that have been provided electronically to MCC board members.

Bailey uses the Freedom of Information slowness of government to illustrate how impossible it is for any rational person to think the federal bureaucracy can cough up information in three days.

She points out that requiring 99% accuracy is a deliberate attempt by Illinois Democrats to make certain that no employer ever has to check to see if a new hire is an illegal alien.

“…it’s the sort of Catch-22 making legal citizens angry at their dysfunctional leaders,” she writes.

“Michael Noland, Ruth Munson and Jack Franks voted ‘yes.’ Chris Lauzen, Mike Tryon, Tim Schmitz and Patricia Reid Lindner voted ‘no,’” Bailey reports.

That covers her circulation area in Kane County and southern McHenry County, except for State Senators Pam Althoff and Bill Peterson and State Rep. Mark Beaubien.

Althoff did not vote. Peterson and Beaubien voted “yes.”

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