Underutilized Lake Front Property

Before Crystal Lake’s City fathers and mothers decided to go into the entertainment business on Vulcan Lake using Tax Increment Financing money, it blew a marvelous opportunity on Pingree Road.

I’m talking about the old Crystal Lake Outdoor Theater property.

Can you imagine the Vulcan Lake views from upper stories of apartments or condos there?

Instead, low-rise townhouses have been constructed.

An earlier city council decided to turn empty property south of Three Oaks Road into an industrial complex.

That’s fine for the non-lake front property, but how can the highest and best use for land with a view of water be industrial?

Prior to that zoning, I thought it would make a great location for a restaurant overlooking Vulcan Lake. Maybe only the second floor seats could see the lake, but the possibility existed.

And, why not high rises with most of the upper stories being able to see water?

Now a factory building right across Pingree from the lake is empty.

You can see pictures of several views of it in this article.

It’s the building next to the small park.

Can city officials come up with a re-use for this property that might make some use of Vulcan Lake’s proximity?

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The view of Vulcan Lake is from Pingree Road.

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