Crystal Lake Neighbors of Lakeside and Gala Festivals Want Them Moved

Crystal Lake neighbors of the Dole Mansion unloaded their dissatisfaction with the Lakeside and Gala Festivals last week at the Crystal Lake City Council meeting.

The Northwest Herald’s Jim Butts wrote a story based on Bob Frerichs 66-person petition and comments, plus the points neighbor Bob Fugate made.

Living within sound range of the bands, I can tell you they are loud.

And, the traffic.

Suffice is to say that it often difficult to come home by driving past the Main Beach.

“Make yourself useful, Cal,” Frerichs said, asking me to pass the petitions to the council folks. I was happy to do so.

According to Butts, the petitioners’ points were

  • The festivals have outgrown the neighborhood setting.
  • The growth has included more and larger bands, larger and less desirable crowds, more traffic, and more concern for safety.
  • The festival committees have shown “complete disregard for the tranquility of the neighborhood.”
  • The festivals put undue workloads on the city’s public works, safety and police departments. “The cost of which is borne by the taxpayers,”

Fugate complained about how the carnival was torn down while neighbors were trying to sleep and generators’ being left on every night.

He also spoke to the Crystal Lake Park Board the Thursday before about what he believes is an impending accident where Country Club Drive curves around Seminary Park. He believes it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident. He asked for the park district’s assistance in convincing the city to post parking restriction signs.

Before I spoke on a different topic, I pointed out that Federal Judge George Lindberg and his wife Linda had moved from across from the Dole Mansion to Lake Forest because of the disruption the festivals caused.

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