Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

I found a family where the kids had Christian tee shirts while I was lined up getting pork chops at State Senator Chirs Lauzen’s Porky Picnic.

Always looking for appropriate messages for Sundays, I approached and asked permission to take pictures of them.

I took this one, which says,


and another you will see on next Sunday.

After I had taken photographs of the two Christian tee shirts, the younger children were giving those verbal signals that they did not want to be left out.

Two of the younger siblings lined up to have pictures of their tee shirts taken. After taking off their name tags, I gladly obliged.

Then, a third one decided he didn’t want left out.

They were pleased the attention was not limited to their older brothers.

First, there was the yellow one.

Then one with horizontal stripes.

Finally, a red one.

All the kids were satisfied.

Then, I could go back to my table and eat those great pork chops with plenty of apple sauce.

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