Best Time To Buy a Boat

Know when the best time to buy a boat is?

It’s now.

Or pretty soon.

The water is too high for boating on the Fox River and Chain of Lakes.

The season is almost over.

If you can’t use your boat and were thinking of selling it at the end of the season, you might be thinking that you might as well do it now.

The high water means you can’t use your boat the way you want to anyway.

And the price of gasoline has gone way up since a lot of people bought their boats.

So, if you want to buy a boat, as soon as you can, start driving along river and lake front roads and look for “FOR SALE” signs.

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Thanks for a friend of McHenry County Blog for the photographs of the Chain of Lakea and Fox River flooding. The marina is Blarney Island’s parking lot in the Chain.

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