Jim Krenz on the Issues

Today is the day that Carpentersville resident Jim Krenz is holding his noon press conference to officially announce his candidacy.

It will be at Amy Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc., which will serve as campaign headquarters, 39 North Western Avenue in Carpentersville from noon until 12:30 today.

I thought you might be interesting in seeing an early piece of campaign literature that I managed to obtain.

You can click on it for an enlargement.

The issues include:

  1. Re-focusing secondary education from college prep to college prep or “focused technical or trade training.” He favors a voucher system and creating specialized “alternative charter schools” for underachievers.
  2. Investigating an umbrella “stop-loss” catastrophic health insurance program to “keep families out of bankruptcy.” “Stop-loss” is an insurance term meaning that one pays up to that amount and no more from one’s own resources. Krenz emphasizes he is not for “universal health coverage.”
  3. Re-structuring DCFS so there is less reliance on unsupervised agencies. He thinks the foster care system is in “disarray.”
  4. With regard to illegal aliens, Krenz believes the borders must be sealed before anything else is done.
  5. Krenz thinks northern Kane County is being short-changed on infrastructure expansion, that tax dollars are not being brought back from Springfield.
  6. Changing the public pension system from one in which benefits are guaranteed to one more like most people have in the private sector, for example, 401(k)plans in which individuals contribute and invest their own money, some of which is often matched by the employer.
  7. Krenz labels himself “pro-life” and says he supports the “traditional family.”
  8. The candidate comes out in favor of the Second Amendment, while calling for “vigorous enforcement” of any violation of criminal statutes.
  9. Finally, he favors “minimal intrusion” by state and federal governments “into our lives.”

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