Scholarly Studies on the Economic Impact of Baseball Stadiums

I learned something new about Google over the weekend.

There is a search engine for scholarly articles.

Want to guess what subject held my interest?

It’s whether baseball stadiums are all that McHenry County College officials have cracked them up to be.

Here’s the link to “local government” and “minor league baseball.”

And, take a look at this one, too. Its search items are “minor league baseball” and “investment.”

Do you think in doing the “due diligence” that MCC board members attorney Scott Summers and Mary Miller, a Crystal Lake CPA, read any of them?

Think the supposedly academically-minded college staff examined any?

(I’ve got an idea? I’ll ask them?)

MCC also refused to release a supposed “due diligence” review by an outfit called PMA. They were the folks paid by Huntley School District 158 to tell it that an unneeded referendum was necessary.

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