No Scholarly Articles Saying Local Governments like MCC Can Make Money on Baseball Stadium

After I ran the references to the scholarly articles on the chances of success for baseball stadiums, I filed a Freedom of Information request with McHenry County College.

I asked for

“copies and citations of any scholarly articles that back up the assertion that baseball stadiums can make money for a local government.”

Oh, yes. I spelled “make” “made” and the college attorney made sure he knew I made a mistake in my Labor Day Weekend request.

The reply, is so, so appropriate:

“The college asserts that there are no documents responsive to your request.”


That’s the answer. (You can see the entire letter below. (Click to enlarge it.)

Perhaps bringing attention to my typographical mistake is payback for my finding mistakes in the English of MCC college officials pointed out in the following articles, listed in reverse chronological order:

$400,000 for Oversight and Coordination of MCC Baseball Stadium Addition

No-Bid Contracts Awarded by McHenry County College; $9 Million Approved for Overruns on $26 Million Baseball Stadium Project

“Either You Are For Open Government or You’re Not” – Part 1A

Harvard Baseball Stadium Competition Shut Out; Could Be Shut Down Thursday Night by MCC Vote

“Public-Be-Dammed” Attitude on Sports Stadiums?

Secret McHenry County College Secret Baseball Stadium Criticized by Northwest Herald

$70,000 McHenry County College Contract for Minor League Baseball Stadium

There really weren’t that many mistakes. All refer to the original no-bid contract with Libertyville’s Mark Houser’s firm, Equity One.

For the stories referencing scholarly articles on baseball stadiums see

Academic Weighs in on MCC Baseball Stadium

The Health of Minor League Baseball

More Studies and Observations of Minor League Baseball

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