Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

I absolutely could not pass up this tee shirt from the 1,500 person Ron Paul presidential rally in Chicago last Saturday.

What other presidential candidates have managed to put together a crowd like that?

Maybe Barack Obama.

If any others have, please let share who, when and where.

This tee shirt uses the same play on words that we used in 1974 during the RTA referendum campaign-a combination of the homonyms “No” and “Know.”

We had supporters of public subsidy for mass transit and opponents.

The opponents wanted to emphasize the word “NO.”

The supporters thought the more that one knew about the 1974 RTA bill, the more likely they would be to vote against the proposal.

So, we combined the words “No” and “Know.”

The result was “kNOw.”

As in “kNOw RTA.”

Or in “Honestly, I don’t kNOw.

Congressman Ron Paul is known as “Dr. No,” because he probably votes against more bills than any other congressman. He has this peculiar notion that congress should not approve legislation that is not authorized by the United States Constitution.

(I wonder if I voted “No” more than anyone else who served in the Illinois General Assembly from 1993-1981.) [A commenter points out the obvious typo, which I shall leave as was.]

So, with that background, take a look at what the tee shirt says:

Ask me
Dr. Know

The “now” is underlined in red and the “K” is made to look like it was a last minute, hand written addition.

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