Huntley School Board Speaking Time Limits

While I don’t regularly read Northwest Herald editorials, this one on Sunday caught my attention.

It disagrees with Huntley School Board President Shawn Green’s attempt to limit school board members to 3 minutes per issue discussed.

Now, just for discussion purposes, say that one member had done a lot of research on a particular subject that the ruling majority of the Huntley school board does not want to discuss.

How about the granting of cash fringe benefits to school administrators?

Might that not deserve more than 3 minutes of discussion?

Especially when the board majority seems to want to sweep the potentially $200,000 item under the rug?

That would be more than enough to pay for the forensic audit.

Have you guessed that I am talking about minority board member Larry Snow?

He’s not the only one the board majority fines inconvenient now.

There’s another who brings up inconvenient truths.

That’s top April vote getter Aileen Seedorf. She was asking penetrating and irritating questions as a taxpayer way before she won office.

Well, you wouldn’t have seen either’s name in the NW Herald’s editorial.

It seems strange the editorial writers can’t bring themselves to name the two, even when supporting what they think should be the right for these elected officials to make their points.

The comments below the article reflect the community tension that continues to spark between tax hike supporters and those who have figured out that tax hike committee B.E.S.T.’s claims were false.

The second comment is too good not to share:

casual reader wrote on Oct 14, 2007 8:46 AM:

“Time limits? That would be as restrictive as putting a word limit on a public forum. What kind of group would do something like that?”

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