Another Meeting on Water – Great Lakes Water Wars

Having nothing but coincidence to do with the fight over Crystal Lake’s watershed involving McHenry County College at Tuesday night’s city council meeting, the McHenry County Soil and Water Conservation District will host a 7 PM meeting at the MCC Auditorium for Peter Annin, author of the book Great Lakes Water Wars.

Annin will talk about his book, which deals with the increasing social, economic and ecological challenges being placed upon the Great Lakes.

Pollution, international treaties, overuse and politics will be just a few of the discussion topics.

A veteran conflict and environmental journalist, Peter Annin spent more than a decade reporting on a wide variety of issues for Newsweek.

For many years he specialized in coverage of domestic terrorism. He also covered droughts in the Southwest, hurricanes in the Southeast, wind power on the Great Plains, forest fires in the mountain West, as well as the “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico.

Since January 2000 he has worked as Associate Director of the Institutes for Journalism and Natural Resources, a nonpartisan national nonprofit that organizes educational fellowships for mid-career environmental journalists.

“Don’t miss this free forum to learn about the ongoing struggles over the Great Lakes and how they may affect the future of McHenry County’s water resources,” a district spokesman said.

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There is another meeting on water being held in Algonquin at the same time Thursday night at Beans & Books Coffee Shop in downtown Algonquin (directions in the linked article).

The McHenry County Defenders are sponsoring it. Cindy Skrukrud, chairman of the Defenders’ Water Resources Protection Committee, plus Clean Water Advocate for the Illinois Chapter of The Sierra Club, will speak on McHenry County’s water resources.

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