Comments Disappear from Northwest Herald Bill LeFew Resignation Article

Yes, we have no comments.

We have no comments today.

Sing to the tune of “Yes, We Have No Bananas.”

An observant friend of McHenry County Blog noticed something just before noon that I didn’t:

“The article about Bill LeFew’s resignation had several comments following it. A few minutes ago I refreshed the link to see what other comments were added and found that all the comments AND the comment window were no longer there. Have you checked it lately?

“Several of the Oct. 17 comments to the article about the CL Council meeting have also disappeared. Surely not that many comments were outside the Herald’s guidelines.”

The observant reader is correct.

The comments and the ability to comment are done gone.


I copied the article last night when it had only three comments. Nothing that might upset the NW Herald’s powers that be except maybe “allankay’s” writing that “the article is wrong on its facts.”

Oh, well.

The Northwest Herald does like to manage the news (think of the slim reporting on the McHenry County College’s baseball stadium financing)…and, apparently, reader reaction to it.

Anyone have copies of comments beyond the “allankay?”

I’m sure John Coonen’s Crystal Lake Network would not take down comments under his LeFew resignation article. Neither would I.

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