Dave Bachmann, Democratic Party Candidate for Coroner, Gives Personal Background, Goals for Office

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog revealed that former funeral director Dave Bachmann intends to challenge incumbent Republican County Coroner Marlene Lantz for her office.

In another email, he outlined a bit of personal history:

“I moved to Crystal Lake back in 1969 with my mother and father 2 sisters and 1 brother. My father was CFO of Black Dot Group, which was also the owner of Graftec Press, so my family name is well known.

“I was the pitcher and hit 2 home runs in the 1976 Babe Ruth City series, Teledyn Big Beam, my team won.

“I built Bachmann Funeral home in 1987 against all odds. Here is an old news story…

“It’s important in that, of all the Dems in power, I am the person with the most amount of time in the county… that I am aware of to date.

“Just a few facts. I was past President of CL Kiwanis from 1989-1990, was instrumental in helping Hospice for Northern Illinois in that I gave seminars on the funeral industry at my facility, this helped the volunteers learn what to do to help McHenry county families when a death occurred at home..By the way, this is ONE of my BIG platforms to which I will run upon.”

Bachmann also outline his goals for the office:

“Today, the coroner’s office does NOT send any law enforcement officer to a home of a cancer patient when Hospice is in charge of the patient. What about oversight on all the left over Narcotics??? There is NO protection for the Hospice Nurse that PROVE she disposed of the left over Narcotic Medications…thus, they are open to be accused of taking drugs with no back up. I know, my mother died, one year ago tonight, with TONS of narcotics in her bedroom.


I plan to close that loophole and send a deputy or myself to home deaths, even when expected, for one specific purpose, to confiscate the narcotics and dispose of them in a way that is proved and backed up… Trust but Verify.

“These drugs are now in today’s world, in the hands of kids selling at our schools..

“Also, spend time educating our foreign guests on what to do in case of death. My wife is from Mexico, and we plan to personally help these people do things in a legal fashion with full translation in order to protect our laws and to help these people protect themselves by knowing our laws and abiding by them.

“Finally, I plan to PERSONALLY, ‘Lift the Veil’ from the office. Get out and go to our schools, and give seminars an classes to our kids on the Reality of Death.

“Life is NOT a Play Station Game… Dead is Forever… You can’t re-boot your life as is done on your home computer games.

“These are the 3 main issues to which I stand on.

“Here are some old pics that show my ties for many years to this county. I currently reside in Hebron.”

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