Minuteman Meeting at MCC Peaceful; Protestors Missing in Action

When I drove into the McHenry County College entrance with the traffic lot I was stopped by two men in reflective coats and asked where I was going. I told them I was going to write an article on the Minuteman meeting. They directed me to a parking lot near the auditorium.

I went toward the library side and found the entrance blocked with yellow tape, so I turned around and went in the other way, getting a parking space right in front of the entrance.

Next I was asked if I had a ticket. I told them Rosanna knew about my coming and was allowed to pass through the “ticket holder” entrance.

Having drunk too many Diet Cokes, I went to the bathroom and was rather surprised at all of the college administrators and Crystal Lake police present.

The reason might have been explained by a conversation Rosanna Pulido related during the meeting. As Pulido relayed it, her Crystal Lake attorney Suzanne Walters was talking with MCC President Walt Packard. He told Walters that he knew what the Minutemen were all about. That we incite violence. Packard was asked how he knew that was told he went to Google.

“That’s your college president,” Pulido said from the MCC auditorium stage.

I asked where the protesters were and was told that there was a place for them at the other side of the building. Then, I walked around the complex until I saw an MCC mini-bus with an employee nearby. I didn’t see anyone carrying signs, so I asked where the demonstrators were.

He told me they were a couple of cars with people inside them. I saw two people standing near a car in one parking lot.

Not much of a demonstration.

Considering how much fuss the Crystal Lake police made about the meeting that the Holiday Inn canceled when the McHenry County Peace Group announced it was going to demonstrate on Route 31, I was surprised.

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