A Possible Reason the Saturday GOP Central Committee Was Canceled

The scheduled meeting for 8 AM last Saturday morning to consider a by-laws changes at Woodstock’s VFW may have been canceled because precinct committeemen who are members of the local Operating Engineers Local 150 would not be able to make it.

Bill LeFew, who announced he was retiring as chairman of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee less than two weeks ago, re-set the meeting for a week before Christmas.
He set it on a night both the McHenry County Board and the Crystal Lake City Council meet. Both bodies have precinct committeemen.

One might expect that even if the weather were good enough for earth moving, the union members would have completed their day by the night meeting time of 6:30.

And, of course, the weather could be really, really bad. That would mean no quorum and no quorum means no change in the by-laws.

Also over will be filing time for GOP precinct committeeman. It ends a week from today at 4:40 at the county clerk’s office north of the jail.

It is reasonable to assume that factions not happy with the results of the cancelled Saturday meeting would have been encouraging their friends to run for precinct committeeman.

There will be no such recourse the third week of December.

From an earlier email LeFew sent out, we learned that the position of executive director, held by Jeri Davis Landon, was proposed to be eliminated from the bylaws. Another change would be lowering the quorum from 50% to 40%.

Meeting attendance has reportedly not been good since “an important meeting” before an election turned out to be a candidates’ night for favored candidates.

Here’s why it matters who is GOP chairman.

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