Cute Editorial Cartoon in NW Herald

An editorial cartoon headlined

“Field of Screams”

appears in the online edition of the Northwest Herald.

I guess it’s in Sunday’s paper.

It has MCC standing on a pitching mound and a guy standing in front of a cornfield.

The guy shouts,

”Hey, this is Crystal Lake and
don’t get any big ideas!!”

One can only guess that this appears in lieu of a written editorial, which would have to outline reasons for the NW Herald’s support of the baseball stadium.

And, of course, readers are still waiting for an in-depth look at how this baseball stadium got onto the master plan and whether stadium operations will provide any subsidy to the planned expansion.

Metro Editor Kevin Beese asked the right questions the third week of June, but reporters have not been assigned to find out how big the taxpayer risk is.

And the college has done absolutely no due diligence on baseball team promoter Pete Heitman’s projections, unless you want to count that done by Heitman buddy Mark Houser.

They may even have a business relationship in this deal.

That’s what Chicago Tribune reporter Tim Kane reported.

When the two first are mentioned in college documents on an agenda for a planning meeting, Houser and Heitman are both identified as being from EquityOne Sports.

We know that the college has apparently cut a sweetheart deal with the paper to run a naming contest for the minor league baseball team.

That showed up in the May 18th minutes of the Finance Committee.

But, MCC says it has nothing in writing on the deal.

Wouldn’t you think the NW Herald would be paying for the privilege to run the name the team contest?

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