Ending Tolls on Toll Bridges – The Delaware Experience

A former resident of Delaware read McHenry County Blog’s article about the proposed Algonquin-Carpentersville. He noted the promise of an end to tolls when the bonds were paid off. Here is is observation:

“The Delaware Memorial Bridge linking New Jersey and Delaware near Wilmington, Delaware opened on August 15, 1951. The promise to the taxpayers was that the tolls would be removed after the tolls paid for the bridge… The collection of tolls reached that level but the funds were used to build a twin bridge… Now, 56 years later they still have the tolls to support a massive bridge administration system… Taxpayers evidently never learn… This is another ‘Trust Me’ experience.”

Of course, the tolls for the Northwest Tollway were supposed to end when they were paid off, but they were diverted to pay for other Illinois tollways.

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