“So Many Illegals, I Could Not Get a Job”

During the question and answer session of the Minuteman meeting at McHenry County College Friday night, Allen County, Ohio, Sheriff Daniel Beck told of a call he got from a women who had had a hard time getting a job.

The biggest city in his county of 104,000 people is Lima. It has a large proportion of families under the poverty level.

The woman told Sheriff Beck that she had been trying to get a job at a certain factory for two years.

“They had so many illegals there, I couldn’t get a job,” she explained.

Finally, she got one.

“When the lady called me, that was really gratifying,” Sheriff Beck said.

He used the story to illustrate that illegal aliens take jobs that Americans would otherwise have.

I remember a related call I got during the recession of the mid-1970’s. A woman from Wonder Lake, I think, told me she had applied for a job at Claussen Pickles in Woodstock, but she wasn’t hired.

She told me they wouldn’t hire anyone who didn’t speak Spanish.

By the way, did you know that Crystal Lake used to be a headquarters for pickle packers. I’ve been told the land along Dole Avenue south of Crystal Lake Avenue were pickle patches before it was developed.

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