McHenry County Peace Group Demonstrates and Ron Paul Supporters Get Petition Signatures

The Northwest Herald concentrated on the McHenry County Peace Group’s participation in the peace demonstration in Downtown Chicago Saturday.

It ran a video, including an interview with Crystal Lake’s Libby Pappalardo, but I’m told nothing appeared in the print edition.

There were supporters for Ron Paul’s Republican campaign for president there, too.

The Ron Paul for President backers were gathering petition signatures from the peace supporters for their presidential candidate.

Lore in the Libertarian Party says that only about half the signatures collected in Chicago are valid ones.

Here is a report from the front:

Also among the thousands downtown on Saturday were about 50 Ron Paul supporters, waving signs, collecting signatures, passing out literature, and turning a lot of left and center people on to Ron Paul. I saw one or two people with Obama buttons, but they’re not sure why, since he wants occupy Iraq for at least 10 more years. The only other presidential candidate with a presence was Dennis Kucinich, who had a few people collecting signatures and carrying small, flimsy signs.

The only presidential candidate with an airplane banner (calling for an end to the war) circling Union Park during the rally was Ron Paul, see attached pictures. One shows the Ron Paul airplane banner flying over the top of the stage, the other is a close up of the airplane and banner.

I wonder if any of the McHenry County Ron Paul supporters will run for Republican precinct committeeman. If they don’t like the person nominated by the Republican Party, they could always resign and let the new county chairman appoint a replacement.

Any so inspired or anyone else that would like to energize the McHenry County Republican Party, can learn how to run for the office (10 “good” signatures required, but I recommend 20) by clicking below:

= = = = =
All images can be enlarged by clicking on them. A Ron Paul supporter sent me the pictures of the banners. The photo of Libby Pappalardo is from Northwest Herald’s video.

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