“Stuck in McHenry” Comments on “Another Divorce Court Letter from Afar”

Over a year after McHenry County Blog’s last article on the Chicago Crime Commission’s look at divorce court in McHenry County, a comment was left by “stuck in McHenry” under the article

Here it is:

After being involved with the McHenry County Court System supporting my sister thru her divorce and subsequent legal dealings with her mentally ill (diagnosed with narcissism) ex-husband and his escapades with their 2 boys, I am so frustrated and have absolutely NO faith in the system.

She has been told by several lawyers that the court does not want to see his mental health records.

The lawyers have been unprofessional – one told her to quit being a bitch when she would not agree to something he was demanding, another walked out of the court room angry because he lost and would not talk to her.

The Guardian Ad Litum flat out lied in court and defended the father rather than representing the children.

She (the GAL) has NO training in child development, domestic violence or child abuse (physical or emotional). She actually thinks the first time she meets a child that he will open up and talk to her about what’s happening.

The judge found the father in contempt but would not do anything with it. Why have court orders if they’re not enforced!

The therapists will not speak to the best interest of the child because they do not want to be subpeonaed and interrogated.

It is sad what is happening to these children, everyone knows it and no one cares or will do anything about it.

The McHenry County court system is a joke.

Those who would like to drop a dime on crime may do so by contacting the commission by calling 312-372-0101. There is also a way to communicate by email on the web site.

McHenry County Blog first reported the Chicago Crime Commission’s probe into McHenry County May 4, 2006.. July 23nrd McHenry County Blog reported on State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s letter to county officials. August 4th, McHenry County Blog printed a letter from Barrington Hills’ attorney stating the village had not started the probe.

As or September 21st of last year, nothing had yet appeared in any daily newspaper.

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I would hope “stuck in McHenry” shared his/her observations with the Chicago Crime Commission.

Did anyone but I notice that Bill LeFew was not quoted in the newspapers when the Chicago Crime Commission announced it would report its findings about divorce court to federal authorities?

Yet, when one of his buddies files complaints with the Crime Commission and the Illinois Attorney General, it’s worthy of a resignation from his party chairmanship.

An, irony.

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