What Daniel Beck Told the Minutemen at MCC – Part 1 – Fighting Local Republican Corruption

After having strongly criticizing McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren early in the Illinois Minuteman Project meeting at McHenry County College last Friday night, Illinois Minuteman Project convener Rosanna Pulido had so much kinder words to say about guest speaker Sheriff Daniel Back.

She called him

“a man with a backbone, who is willing to take his oath seriously. His first attention is to American Citizens.”

She explained that five deputies accompanied him from Allen County, Ohio, “on their own time.”

“He’s my hero,” she proclaimed.

In answer to a question from attorney Suzanne Walters, Beck said,“You need to start getting involved in that sheriff’s election, He’s the quality control officer in the county.”

Beck told of how he had run as an independent in 1992 and was now serving his 15th year.

“We had a good ol’ boy system in 1992. The Republican Party had become a very subtle organized crime group.

“I’m not kidding.

“I think they voted me in office because they felt sorry for me (for the way the Republicans attacked him during the campaign).

He told of how during his first term he arrested the County Engineer (this description of the position makes it sound like a county road commissioner) on two counts of having an interest in county contracts. He didn’t get a conviction, but the next election they “voted him out of office.”

During his second term, he “put the county treasurer in prison for 18 months.”

“The politicians at that time realized that the back scratching (was over).”

“I’m a conservative Republican at heart,” he noted, pointing out that the mayor of his largest city, Lima, is “very liberal.”

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