Northwest Herald Comments Closed on Minuteman Story

I noticed that the Minuteman meeting held the Friday before last at McHenry County College was still listed among this Saturday’s top stories with comments, so I took a look at them.

What I saw at the bottom surprised me.

You can see it to the right.

There is no way to add a comment.

For contrast, I have reproduced below what the bottom of a story’s comment section on the Northwest Herald’s web site looks like when comments are being accepted.

That’s not under the Minuteman meeting story about Sheriff Daniel Beck’s presentation.

As you probably have noticed, McHenry County Blog is running a series of articles about the Illinois Minuteman Project meeting on October 26th.

There will be 9 installments on what Allen County, Ohio, Sheriff Daniel Beck said to the and run from November 1st through November 9th.

Images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Click on the image with comments in the middle and you will see a really interested comment from someone who lives on McConnell Road in Woodstock.

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