What Daniel Beck Told the Minutemen at MCC – Part 3 – The Rule of Law

McHenry County Blog is trying to give a full picture of what Allen County, Ohio, Sheriff Daniel Beck told his Illinois Minuteman Project audience at Crystal Lake’s McHenry County College last Friday night.

So far, we have covered how he fought GOP courthouse corruption and his motivation for entering the illegal alien fray.

Standing on the MCC auditorium stage in front of a big screen Beck sometimes looked a bit like the movie’s George Patton talking to his troops while standing in front of a huge American flag.

Beck used the written word, instead of a flag. He had a slide show.

“The Rule of Law” was the heading on the first one.

“We are a nation of laws, not of men,” he stated.

It reminded me of the line in the Jaycee Creed. It’s been 30 years since I had to leave the Crystal Lake organization at age 35 and I can still remember that wonderful line. And, I never found a better organization than the Jaycees.

“We different from other countries,” Beck continued.

He talked about the political arena in Allen County in 1992. (See Part 1.)

Then, he skipped forward to the controversy involving his canceled appearance at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn.

“I’ve never had an injunction against me in my entire life. 35 years in law enforcement. Thanks for that.”

“I’ve never had so much police protection in my entire life,” he said, commenting on the Crystal Lake Police presence at McHenry County College.

“Usually my deputies throw me on the stage and say, ‘Good luck!’”

Just as Pulido’s Mexican heritage belies the charges of racism often thrown at those holding the Minutemen’s views on illegal immigration, Sheriff Beck pointed out, “I have a brown son.”

He then characterized Mexican policemen thusly, “If you can find two honest cops in Mexico, I’ll eat my felt hat.”

“When they come across the fence and not through (Customs), they never get the training (to learn how this country works),” he said, speaking of illegal aliens.

“The advocates I talk to and who talk to me want me to pick and choose which ones (laws) I enforce. That’s not the way I read the Constitution.”

Tomorrow’s story will be about illegal alien enforcement techniques.

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The Jaycee Creed link is to the Cary-Grove Jaycees web site. It has the best explanation I could find. The Hastings Jaycees had the most readable creed. Hastings is in Barry County, Michigan.

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