What Daniel Beck Told the Minutemen at MCC – Part 5 – Identity Theft Enforcement

This is the fifth installment of a series of articles about Allen County, Ohio, Sheriff Daniel Beck’s presentation to the Illinois Minuteman Project at McHenry County College on October 26, 2007.

Previous articles have reported on

Fighting Republican Courthouse Corruption,

Motivation for Getting Involved with the Fight Against Illegal Aliens

The Rule of Law and

Enforcement Techniques, specifically, how 287(g) training is not necessary to get started.

Today’s story expands on the enforcement theme, concentrating on identity theft.

Beck “decided to train them (his deputies) all in ID of illegal aliens.”

He praised the cooperation of an Ohio DMV employee and explained that the training took four hours for each employee.

“You hand me a driver’s license and I’m going to try to find out who you really are,” Beck said. “I need to know exactly who you are before I let you go, if you(‘ve) commit(ed) a crime.”

To make a more detailed presentation, Beck turned the podium over the Deputy Sheriff Bob Najmulski.

“We have a birthday cake. 287(g) is just the icing on the cake,” Najmulski explained.

“Identity theft is probably one of the biggest crimes of illegal aliens. We work on tips, leads…

“We do not profile,” he stressed.

“We had a victim living in Texas. He (the perpetrator) assumed the identity…of a United States citizen who was $10,000 behind in his child support.”

Najmulski explained how the child support was being taken out of his pay, “but he couldn’t say anything.

“The truck driver thought it was cool, said, ‘Thanks,’ and we never heard from him (again).”

Najmulski told of an illegal alien having assumed the identity of a wanted sex offender.

“It wasn’t him.”

“Guess what, sir, you just bought a bad ID,” the man, who didn’t know “he was a wanted pervert,” was informed.

Najmulski talked about the results of being convicted of identity theft in Ohio:

”180 days.

“You wanted to be here.


“Enjoy your stay.”

The “stay” is in a maximum-security jail rated from 210 prisoners. It is now housing about 270.

Beck explained a way he is able to leverage his being the jail for 18 jurisdictions in his fight against illegal aliens.

When people are booked, he explained, their documents are checked.

“If (there is) falsification of documents, (we) file another charge.”

“If I interrupt his life for 180 days, maybe he’ll tell his friends this isn’t a good place to stay,” Beck said.

Speaking of a guy out of Columbus who provided illegal identity papers and who was an illegal alien, Beck told of a traffic stop that was “kind of one of those Christmas presents in disguise.

“He was so bold (and brash) he had business cards with his phone number on it.”

Contact was made to buy false identities, but “all of his couriers were busy.”

He came himself.

“$700 for the documents. We now own his car. He’s back in max(imum security prison).”

Tomorrow’s article will cover other crimes committed by illegal aliens.

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Standing next to Sheriff Daniel Beck at the podium is Deputy Bob Najmulski.

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