What Daniel Beck Told the Minutemen at MCC – Part 6 – Other Crimes by Illegal Aliens

This is McHenry County Blog’s sixth article in a series detailing what Allen County, Ohio, Sheriff Daniel Beck told participants in the Illinois Minuteman Project’s seminar on illegal aliens at McHenry County College on Friday, October 26, 2007.

In previous installments, the following topics have been covered:

Fighting Republican Courthouse Corruption,

Motivation for Getting Involved with the Fight Against Illegal Aliens

The Rule of Law

Enforcement Techniques, specifically, how 287(g) training is not necessary to get started, and

Idendtity Theft Enforcement.

Although identity theft seems to be the crime leading to the most deportations, Beck does not do random identity checks. He stressed that they are done only when other criminal activity is found.

During his talk, he told of some of those other crimes committed by illegal aliens.

One was a “van wreck drive by a 3-offense (driver in which it was) hard to identify the victims.”

Another was “a rapist of an 8-year old. The Lima Police wouldn’t cooperate.

Alfedo Lopez-Cruz was being hidden out in the Latino community. They just didn’t want to talk to us.

“Last we heard is that he is in the Allen County area. There was a sighting in Oregon living with his 14-year old girlfriend.

“He’s on (the FBI’s) America’s Most Wanted.”

Beck told of his deputies interviewing illegal aliens while trying to solve crimes.

“There are literally hundreds we have interviewed and let them walk because they have not broken the law.”

“I don’t think we can ever solve this problem unless they (the federal government) partner with local (governments).”

He said there is a problem of those here illegally not reporting crime.

“They chose to avoid all contact with law enforcement because they don’t want to be detected,” Beck continued.

“The biggest problem is domestic violence among the illegals.”

Beck admitted that he had had problems getting “illegals to be witnesses in a robbery case of a Mexican restaurant workers.”

The robber “used his crack head girl friend to get in the door.”

Tomorrow’s article will concern the employer’s role in the illegal alien situation.

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