What Daniel Beck Told the Minutemen at MCC – Part 9 – What Wouldn’t Fit Elsewhere, Including Retirement Plans

This completes McHenry County Blog’s coverage of Allen County, Ohio, Sheriff Daniel Beck‘s presentation to the Illinois Minuteman Project meeting at McHenry County College.

Previous articles have covered

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The Rule of Law

Enforcement Techniques, specifically, how 287(g) training is not necessary to get started,

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Terrorism and Bondage, and

The Critics

Today’s article could just have easily been titled, “Miscellaneous.” It’s odds and ends that I jotted down that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else.

Sheriff Beck, of course, has talked to other sheriffs in Ohio about his efforts to deport illegal alien crime breakers.

Out of 88, he said, “Butler County is probably the only other sheriff working on the illegal alien problem.”

But at a recent meeting of sheriffs, three wanted to get on board, Beck said.

Sheriffs in Illinois virtually never enforce laws within municipalities unless they are paid extra by a (usually small) municipality to do so.

In Ohio, that may be the situation as well, but there is clear authority to operate within the boundaries of towns.

Beck explained a 1932 Ohio Supreme Court decision called the Sultzman (spelling?) decision out of Cuyahoga County gives sheriffs the right to enforce the law within incorporated areas as well outside of towns.

Hence, Sheriff Beck’s equal standing with the liberal mayor of Lima in Lima whom it was pretty clear did not want his police force doing anything to upset illegal aliens.

= = = = =
Commenting on folks in Washington, D.C., the Allen County Sheriff said,

“Most of them really don’t have a clue of what’s happening back in the Midwest.”

I’m pretty sure he was talking about appointed and elected federal officials.

= = = = =
Beck suggested there should be

a “stipulation on government contracts to guarantee they don’t have illegal aliens working for them.”

= = = = =
Beck pointed to the cost of hospital care that had to be picked up by the local community.

“They (the medial providers) never get paid for it, so guess who paid for it?


= = = = =
How long is he going to remain sheriff?

“Up until two years ago, I didn’t have enough years in the retirement system,” he joked (and I laughed too loudly).

“I’m going to keep doing it.

“I get a report card every four years.”

= = = = =
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