Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

Finally, a tee shirt manufacturer after my own sense of humor
is advertising on the Daily Herald about its wonderful tee shirts.

I read an article about the company in the Chicago Tribune a couple of days ago. They solicit tee shirt designs from anyone and every Friday there are new ones to choose from.

I picked this one just because my wife likes rabbits. They are all over the house. When my Desmond nieces were little and they came to visit, we would have contests to see who could find the most bunnies. Her Schaumburg condo shower curtain had rabbits on it!

I was first attracted to Veggie Tales videos by one containing a song with the line, “Bunny, bunny. Who are the bunny?”

So, I think it appropriate that the first tee shire I feature is of bunnies.

Who did eat the bunny parts?

The bunny missing his but says, “My butt hurts.”

The bunny missing her ears replies, “I can’t hear you.”

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