Randi Scheurer Challenges Farnick Petition

I can’t improve on the headline of Randi Scheurer’s challenge of Woodstock Democratic primary rival Jonathan Farnick. Both of them filed against incumbent Melissa Bean.

Having two primary challengers is what any incumbent legislator would desire.

Scheurer claims Farnick filed 200 too few signatures.

You can find more information about Farnick here and here.

Here’s the press release:

Scheurer Challenges Farnick Petition

Democratic Party candidate Randi Scheurer (IL-8TH Congressional District) filed a legal objection on Tuesday with the State Board of Elections to disqualify Jonathan Farnick’s petition to appear on the February 5 primary ballot as a second challenger to the incumbent Melissa Bean.

“Mr. Farnick did not turn in the required number of valid signatures to qualify as a candidate,” says Scheurer. “Running for Congress is no small thing. It takes a big commitment to do it right.”

The Scheurer campaign claims that Farnick fell short by more than 200 signatures after removing names that are not registered voters at the addresses listed in his nominating petition.

Mrs. Scheurer says that she and a campaign worker met with Farnick at the beginning of the petition period, to see if they could reach agreement on which one of them should challenge Bean.

“He (Farnick) told me then, and has since repeated in public interviews, that he did not even intend to run a real campaign,” says Scheurer.

“That is completely unacceptable. We want a real candidate, to give Democrats a real alternative to a totally unacceptable Republican-Lite incumbent. Not someone who is just dabbling in it and not committed to running a real campaign.”

“What good does that do?” She asks. “That would only help the incumbent. We want Democrats to have a clear choice.”

The Scheurer campaign turned in over 2,300 signatures on her nominating petition, outstripping even the number submitted by the incumbent Melissa Bean.

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