Message of the Day – A Bumper Sticker

Seen in front on me on Dole Avenue south of Route 14 was this bumper sticker that says

“De Colores”

It’s most like from someone who attended the Catholic Church’s short course in Christianity, which it calls “Cursillo.”

The three-day seminar idea was brought to Texas by a Spanish priest and somehow made its way up to the Peoria area.

There Methodists started attending and at one point put started putting on similar retreats.

Catholics decided they didn’t want Methodist sponsoring Cursillo weekends, so the Methodists renamed their version “Walk to Emmaus.”

Those from both denominations who have discussed their experiences have concluded that they are pretty much the same. From the talk about Peoria, I would assume that Cursillo is not limited to Catholics and Walk to Emmaus certain is not limited to Methodists.

Indeed, as Methodists who have attended Walk to Emmaus spin off from the church (mainly because of the really weird things its national leaders do), if anything, Walk to Emmaus is drawing attendance from more and more churches.

In any event, the rainbow colored chicken and “De Colores” are symbols of the experience.

As a bonus there is one of those support our troops ribbons. This one says,

“God Bless Our Troops”

and has a a cross where the ribbon loops.

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