Scheurer Seeks Help to Finance “Green Zone Tourist” Post Card

8th congressional district Democratic Party primary candidate Randi Scheurer is trying to raise $18,000 to send this 8.5 x 5.5 inch post cards to 35,000 Democratic primary voters.

This is a technique I have not seen before.

Usually, a candidate does not allow an opponent to know the contents of attack mailings.

But, I guess the issues are so well known that incumbent Melissa Bean wouldn’t be surprised anyway.

I don’t know whether a Bean staffer or a military photographer took the picture of Bean in the helicopter. The question might be relevant because it’s highly unlikely Scheurer has gotten permission to use it.

The legalities probably don’t matter, however, because, if Bean made an objection, she would just give publicity to Scheurer.

I presume the following will be on the back of the post card:

“There was definitely a more relaxed attitude toward security.” Melissa Bean

This pitch is included in the email fund raising email:

“With each $18,000 we raise, Randi will send a new postcard on another issue: Healthcare and working families are next. This is how we can win and have a Real Democrat represent us, not the Republican-Lite that we have there now.”

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