US Attorney Seeks Testimony from Jeff Ladd

The Chicago Tribune wrote yesterday that

the U.S. Attorney’s Office is seeking “to compel Jeffrey Ladd, a heavyweight lawyer for health-care companies who has dealt with the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board, one of two boards (Ron Blagojevich rune raiser Tony) Rezko has been accused of illegally influencing.”

Ladd, who lives between Crystal Lake and Woodstock and who was House Republican Speaker and Minority Leader Lee Daniels’ boss at his law firm, also chaired the Metra board while Crystal Lake Metra board member Don Udstuen was accepting bribes from former State Rep. Roger Stanley.

McHenry County Blog has been told that Udstuen, who served as head of Centegra, kept a journal of illegal activities for 10-12 years before he was cornered by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Friday, the Tribune reports, Ladd was granted immunity from prosecution in return for his testimony. He had previously filed a motion saying he would “invoke his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination if called to the witness stand.”

Ladd’s attorney said he wasn’t under investigation.

Until recently, legal practice before the Health Facilities Planning Board was concentrated among lawyers who were close to the administration of former Jim Thompson.

Efforts to abolish the board, which was designed to limit competition among hospitals, has been fought by the industry and its representatives.

When Janesville’s Mercy Health System sought approval for a hospital in Crystal Lake, which would compete with Centegra’s hospitals in McHenry and Woodstock, Ladd represented Centegra. Mercy’s pproval was allegedly obtained by Rezko’s manipulation of the board. More here.

Rezko’s attorney said Ladd was known as a reputable person, the Tribune says.

Mentioned in Rezko’s indictment, according to his hometown paper, was Springfield Republican biggie Bill Cellini. Cellini appeared at a Crystal Lake City Council meeting when developers for the Vulcan Lakes Tax Increment Financing district were being interviewed. You can see part of that appearance in a link in this article; more here. Cellini’s group won the contract. After the Rezko indictment came down, he withdrew his personal involvement in the project. Cellini has not been charged with any offense.

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The picture is of Jeff Ladd and McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler. Ladd is on the left. This photo was found on the McHenry County Republican Party’s web site.
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