Message of the Day – An Elephant

In reporting the 57-53 defeat of the bill to force every Illinois citizen to pay $30 to subsidize the CTA/RTA last Thursday, the Chicago Tribune had this sentence:

”Senate President Emil Jones earlier called the construction and gambling package the ‘big elephant that’s in the room.’’

That immediately reminded me of an elephant we saw at Disney World during Thanksgiving week.

Armed with my long lens, I was besieged with instructions from my family to take a picture of this or that animal on our “safari.”

I didn’t get this elephant’s dump in motion. It is in the “splat” stage.

And its stinky mess is what I think a greatly expanded gambling will smell like in Illinois.

Maybe worse.

= = = = =
McHenry County Blog doesn’t have smell-a-vision, but you can get a better look by clicking on the photograph.

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