Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran Seeks Illegal Alien Deportation Authority

The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran is seeking Immigration and Customs Enforcement certification to deport illegal alien criminals after they have served their sentence.

Curran is a member of the Democratic Party.

Perhaps he should contact Allen County, Ohio, Sheriff Daniel Beck.

Beck has figured out how to deport those who have served time for serious crimes like murder, sex crimes and assault without his employees having attended the ICE training course.

His people fill out the paperwork and deliver the criminals to the local ICE detention center after they serve their terms.

The McHenry County Jail has such an ICE detention center on its fourth floor.

Not much of a drive.

Although criticized, the sheriff stood firm:

“This was not open to discussion; no one’s going to bully us. It’s the right thing to do.”

The Waukegan City Council caused an uproar last summer by voting to seek the same training. Thousands demonstrated against the proposal.

City officials said attempts would only be made to deport those convicted on crimes.

Links to the, can be found here.

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The ICE detention pod in Woodstock seen above is empty because the detainees have been locked down for shift change.

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