Randi Scheurer Goes After Melissa Bean Again

Randi Scheurer has issued another press release criticizing Melissa Bean, this time for stranding the troops in Iraq for a fifth Christmas. Here it is:

Scheurer To Congress,
“Not Home For Xmas”

Two separate articles from the Associated Press and Congress Now have reported that Congressional Democrats are negotiating a deal to slip more money for the Iraq war into another continuing spending resolution, so they can “wrap up their long-unfinished budget work and adjourn before Christmas.”

Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress, Randi Scheurer (IL-8TH), says this is not right.

“So, they leave the troops stranded over there for another Christmas – the fifth year in a row – and waste more taxpayer money, so they can go home for the holidays themselves?” Scheurer asks.

“If Bush and the Republicans want to hold Christmas hostage like this, I call on the Democrats to stand with our troops: Don’t come home for Christmas!” She adds. “If not now, when?”

Public opinion has reached the point where 70% now call for our troops to come home within a year. Even 60% of military families now share this position. Only Congress and the Administration remain intent on keeping our armed forces in Iraq indefinitely.

“Really, this has gone way beyond the point of calling for courageous leadership,” says Scheurer, whose own son served in Iraq. “The voters demand it. I don’t know how we can expect people to vote again for Democrats next year, if they cannot even carry out the mandate they were given in 2006.”

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