Tony Quagliano Apologizes to Aileen Seedorf; Shawn Green Doesn’t

I wish I had attended Thursday night’s meeting of the Huntley District 158 School District board meeting.

It came a day after School Board President Shawn Green accused the two minority board members, Aileen Seedorf and Larry Snow of being “terrorists” in the Daily Herald.

It came a day after both the Daily and Northwest Heralds reported that Seedorf had filed a report about a threat of physical violence at the previous board meeting from majority faction board member Tony Quagliano with the Algonquin Police Department.

As I stopped to buy gas, I saw a Northwest Herald headline which said,

D-158 war of words linger
Quagliano apologizes; Green, Snow squabble over remark

Here’s what Tom Musick reported Quagliano said,

“I don’t want to ever be in that position again where I’m using words in that manner. Did I go over the line in my use of verbage toward her? Yes I did, and I’m very sorry, and I will not allow it to happen again.”

What I found interesting as I read the Northwest Herald article was that Green had not apologized to either Seedorf or Snow.

Indeed, Musick quotes Green again asserting that the two were

“’like terrorists, without the violence’ because they tried to mentally wear down others until those people gave up.”

Maybe there was nothing about Green’s apology, I thought, it was because the

“Snow and Seedorf were ‘terrorists running roughshod over the rest of us”

statement by Green had been elicited by Daily Herald reporter Jameel Naqvi.

Maybe that was why the apology was not mentioned in Tom Musick’s Northwest Herald story about the meeting.

This is what the Daily Herald reporter included in his Friday article about Green’s “terrorist” accusation:

“‘In no way have I ever stated or implied Mr. Snow or Mrs. Seedorf have committed a physical act of harm upon any administrator or board member,’ Green said in a statement.”

No apology in the statement or, surely, Naqvi would have included it.

Well, I guess what Green said Thursday night is better than what he told the Daily Herald for its Thursday article.

It probably won’t merit WBBM radio coverage, the way his terrorist accusation did.

But its not much better.

Frankly, I always think of violence or the threat of violence when I hear the word “terrorist.”

How about you?

One thing is evident.

Despite his threat of physically harming Seedorf, Quagliano has more of a sense of what is appropriate behavior for a public official than does Green.

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On top is Huntley School Board President Shawn Green. Below is board member Tony Quagliano. Paired in the middle of the article are board members Aileen Seedorf and Larry Snow.

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